Coffee Subscription

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Sign up for a Café Kubal Coffee Subscription and we'll deliver our freshly roasted coffee straight to your door. You'll never have to worry about running out of coffee at home again!

Also, you will automatically become a member of our Roaster's Club. As a member you will save 25% on all bean purchases as long as you are subscribed. Starting with this subscription!

Choose your favorite roast or let our head roaster make a surprise selection for you with each shipment. We highly suggest keeping your coffee whole bean for the best tasting coffee, but if you'd prefer to have your coffee ground when it arrives, choose your grind from the drop down.

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Coffee roasts available for subscriptions: 

Light Roast - Ethiopia Aricha

This is a naturally processed coffee, meaning that the harvested coffee cherries are left in the sun to dry until the fruit will easily break off of the seeds. Naturally processing this coffee gives the bean an inherent blueberry-like flavor.

Roast: Light
Region: Yirgacheffe
Notes: Blueberry, Apricot
Medium Roast - Brazil Mogiana

Brazil is a delicious medium roast coffee from South America. Its flavor profile is nutty and sweet with mild body, low acidity, and a smooth finish that tastes mildly of cocoa. We feel this after-dinner coffee goes perfectly with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

Roast: Medium
Region: Mogiana
Notes: Peanut, Milk Chocolate


    Dark Roast - Sumatra Mandheling

    Sumatra is our signature dark roast. Often, Sumatra beans are harvested only once, yielding uneven batches of ripe and green cherries, but the farmers we purchase from handpick their beans at three different times to ensure that only properly ripened cherries are selected. Similar to a French roast and offering a somewhat spicy finish, our delightful Sumatra has medium body and low acidity. 

    Roast: Dark
    Region: Lintong
    Notes: Sharp, Earth, Smoke, Molasses


      Swiss Water Decaf Brazil

      Our decaffeinated coffee is the product of the Swiss Water Process applied to superbly flavored Brazil beans. This process is chemical-free and produces beans that are 99.9% caffeine-free. Our decaf coffee has a medium body and a chocolatey smooth taste.

      Roast: Medium
      Process: Swiss Water Process
      Notes: Peanut, Milk Chocolate


      Cafe Kubal Espresso comes from Brazil beans but is aged longer for a different brewing result. We let the freshly roasted Brazil de-gas for a few days before we use it at the espresso bar for a better extracting result. A small but important difference!

      Roast: Medium
      Region: Mogiana
      Process: Aged Brazil
      Notes: Peanut, Milk Chocolate

      *Contact us directly via e-mail at for any questions concerning your subscription. 
      *This is a subscription service for the Local Delivery Coffee Subscription. Renewal is automatic - you will receive notifications from charge-rabbit.